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The Adams Family

Thanks John for the great website! I enjoyed looking at the book you put together. The old photos are interesting to see.

I think my Adams family was from Wateringbury in the early 1800’s.  For this reason, I was interested and was googling around for anything related to Wateringbury.

My ancestor was James Adams, and given a name like that, it has been hard to zero in on where he was born in England.  Looking at your book, it is hard to imagine why he would have left.  The town looks so beautiful.

I found what I believe is the family living on Pizien Well Street in 1841.  My James Adams is enumerated with is widowed mother Harriet and two brothers, William & Charles.  I think that James then came to America about 1850.  On the Census of 1851, the family is once again found on Pizien Well Street (house #146).  Granted, this is a long time before your time, but if you have any advice on how I may be able to research further, it would be great.

On the 1851, Harriet was shown born in 1792 in Teston.  Son William was born 1816 in Wateringbury.  Son Charles was born in 1824 in Yalding.  Looking at a map, all these villages are close to one another.

Any idea what the church would have been? Or the possible cemetery the family could have used? 

Please email me -

Patrick J. Buckley
Manhattan, NY

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