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Judy Macdonald says:

It is now 5 years since your blog helped with information on Frank Clark. I have now found him and we correspond. Though he is many miles from Melbourne! I would like to transcribe from a recent letter of his, about his memories of 22 Glebe Meadow, after I sent him a copy of some information from your site: " I remember several of the folk mentioned, especially our immediate neighbours, Jones, Smith & Clarke, and the chimney sweep. The Jones's were very friendly. Not only would he bring us 2 bottles of porter every Friday evening, but would bring us in to see the TV show, possible the only TV set in Glebe Meadows! The porter was from his night work at the brewery, just off the main road near us. At that time, the brewery kept a team of beautiful farm cart horses, of the Clydesdale breed, to deliver large carts of brew to nearby public houses., but also had trucks for distance. We lived at 22 from about the middle of '53 to middle of 1960. Towards the end of the 50s, Anne [sister] started as a nurse at Salford Royal Hospital near Manchester...I was home [22 Glebe] on leave in the Spring of 1960 with a newly purchased 2nd hand motor bike - a 350cc A. J. S....I helped pack up the house and move them to Manchester...While at Glebe Meadow I had planned to build an aviary in our garden...but settled for the small room at the corner of 22, used to keep garden tools." Thank you Wateringbury blog for helping me solve a long standing puzzle! Cheers, Judy

Posted on : 2015-10-08 07:58:30

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