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Functions at the Old Village Hall

Inside the hall at Jean Weller's 21st Birthday in the Early 60's donated by Janet Barden.
Photo courtesy of Janet Barden
Janet is front row with a white top and a lilac skirt, her best friend Betty Raines (nee Miles) is next to her with a white and brown patterned dress. Jean Weller is in the back row, her uncle (Ted Cronk) is directly above where Janets head is and Jean Weller is standing next to him, standing sideways, she has short dark hair and a greenish coloured dress.
Front row far left Valerie Miles, Betty’s Dad (Mr. Miles) girl with white dress is Jane Bryant with Terry Cronk to her left and to the right Monica Richard, Betty Miles, Derek Raines, Janet Barden, Bob Whitlock, Ann Wells, John or David Allen, Joyce Gruber & Mr Honeysett.
Jean’s Mum is at the back directly above Betty Miles
Can you add any more names?
This photo brings back memories of the stage where we would have the disco equipment which is where the back rows of people are standing. The walls were made of a type of hardboard which was warped from the dampness. The chairs (as seen in the front) were stackable and used to lean dangerously when stacked high.

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