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Wateringbury School Photo 1976

Photo Courtesy of Gary Randall

Gary kindly sent the above photo and writes; a school photo taken in 1976, this was the year the new school was opened, I went there for six months before leaving in the July to start at Clare Park in East Malling in September of 76, I can remember most of the "kids" in the pic, but there are one or two that sorry I can't remember if anyone can help, then please do.

TOP ROW-  Gary Randall (me), Barry Weston, Desmond Willows, John Mckirdy, Chris Burgess, ? ?, Stephen Turk, Jason Cockett, Derek Piper.
MIDDLE ROW-  Roland Adams, Tanya Hazelwood, Karl Blake, Amanda Holland, Karen Wells, (Teacher) Penny Lythe, Julie Greenwood, Amanda Deakin, Ian Coleman, Helen Annells, Richard Brightman.
BOTTOM ROW-  Julie Maitland, Corin Shippey, ? ?, Judith Dawson, Maureen Brotherwood, Patricia Tait, Patricia Newick, Amanda Cordrey, Liz Mills 

Additional names kindly added by Patricia Tait Tappenden - Windsor, CT USA