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The Phoenix Brewery Wateringbury

Phoenix Brewery Group Photographs
Leneys Brewery Wateringbury
From the left, first in the rear row, Frederick Latter (my Great Grandad), third Middle Row Nipper Acot, fifth middle row (flat cap velvet collar) Bill Carter, bottom row second from right Charlie Latter, bottom row third from right Oakey Head.
Phoenix Brewery Outing
First on the left Bill Randall, sixth from left at rear Perce Sutton, fourth from left and central with bowler hat Frederick Latter (my Great Grandad), first from left Charlie Latter, next to him flat cap Bert Latter (mums uncle).
Jude Hanbury Brewery
Another group photo, this time we have a date of 1908

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George said...

I am trying to find out about The Grendier Pub, Riding Lane Hildenborough that was owned by Wateringbury Brewers.
The Pub was flattened by a bomb in 1942. I would likle to know exactly when.
I am researching on Hildenborough in the war years as part of research inot the fallen on our Village War Memorial.