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Wateringbury School 1950

Photo courtesy of Ruth Jones from the collection of Helen Long
I am sure John Long (I think he is front row second from left) is in this photo but do not know any of the other faces.
Can you help identify any?
Thanks to Janet Barden who thinks some of the names are as follows:
Back row extreme right is (I think) Rosemary Wheatley she was a resident at Dr. Barnardo’s, Kenward. Third Row: Marian McEvoy (also from Barnardo’s) ? ? ? Michael Town, ? , Martin Rogers, Peter Martin. Second Row : Extreme right Daphne Waghorn and the girl third from left was called Gayle but I can’t remember her surname. Front Row: Jean Hubbard. (I wonder where I was that day?)
Matt Whiting writes:-

I have the school photograph which belonged to my mother Dail. Attached to the photo is the full list of names which I’m confident are correct, though because of alternate ways of spelling, one or two names may not be quite right.

Back row, left to right.
Eleanor Petrie. Hilary Jones. Dail Clarke. Anita Lawrence. Valerie Pearce. Dennis Pearce. Sheila Phillips.

2nd row, left to right.
Marian McEvoy. Tony Lawrence. Jimmy Neal. Mia Williams. Michael Town. Donald Pike. Martin Rogers. Peter Martin.

3rd row, left to right.
Pat Foster. Beryl Chambers. Gay (not Gayle) Martin. David Skinner. Mark Dalgleish. Jane McGlashan. Daphne Waghorn.

Front row. left to right.
Elizabeth Mecoy. David Smith. Barry Marshall. Roland King.
Elaine Dewing writes:-

I have remembered a few more names for the school photograph 1950 the back row is ? Hilary Jones Dale Clarke ? Ann Pearson ?? next row down ??Myra Williams ?? next to bottom row ?

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