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Wateringbury School on Red Hill

The old Wateringbury School which used to stand on Red Hill

It was built in about 1842 and opened in 1843. The building consisted of two classrooms and a residence for the Master. By 1847, there were around 120 pupils, almost certainly all boys.

The first picture is a sketch of the school drawn in about 1850; note the arched windows. By 1902, the school had been extended and looked more like my second picture. This picture shows the school around 1907, the year the postcard was sent. Incidentally, this picture is identical to yours on your website, but yours was sent much later in 1931.

Unfortunately, my third picture is an unstamped postcard and I can only guess the year of around 1940. By this time, of course, the windows had been enlarged as you remembered it.

Dail W.

Photographs and words Courtesy of Dail  Whiting
 Thanks again to Dail for her photographs and words above.