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Family Photos by David Spain

David Spain writes:-

I have recently discovered your website Wateringbury Remembered. It's a great site which I have found very interesting. My maternal family originate from Wateringbury and I have seen a number of posts relating to members of the family on your site. I shared the site with my nan at Christmas and she remembered a great deal of the information you have on the site, especially with regards to Wateringbury at war. I believe her parents also housed soldiers at their home during the war.

My Grandmother is Joan Godfrey-Jull (nee Relf.) Her parents were Albert Relf (born 1885) and Caroline Cronk (born 1889.) Albert worked in the Pheonix Brewery as did his father and grandfather. The Relf family were from Nettlestead/Wateringbury going back many generations. The Cheesemans are also related to the Relf and a family called Tomlin. 

Caroline Cronk's parents were John Cronk and Julia Wells. Her siblings were Frederik Cronk, Ernest Cronk and Daisy Cronk. On your site I have noticed that Keith Harden has posted family photos and references Fred Cronk as one of his ancestors. Fred and his wife Jessie were landlords of the North Pole pub and Ernest and his wife (still not sure of name) I believe were also landlords (possibly of the Fir Tree.) 

I have a number of photo's of the family and the house that the Cronk's built and my ancestors lived in, Lucerne in North Pole.

Would be great to get in contact with anyone who remembers the family or is a relative. 
 Albert Relf
 Charles Relf - Joan's paternal grandfather
 Daisy Cronk - Joans aunt
 Ernest Cronk - Joan's Uncle
 Lucerne House
I believe this is either Fred or Ernest Cronk with his wife and child
 Soldiers in Wateringbury
The Railway Hotel
Photographs and words Courtesy of David Spain