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Boorman's Butcher Shop - No 3 Bow Road

Wayne McMaster kindly sends some photos of his Grandmother and Grandfather, Floss and Mr Skinner who I remember as the the Butcher in Boorman's Butcher shop Bow Road back in the 1950's. It was then between the general store and Mac the Barbers, first three shops immediately on the left at the crossroads heading down the hill.  Floss was the cashier and sat in what I remember to be no more than a cupboard where she had to crawl into it under the counter. It was next to a huge walk in fridge with massive handle. One thing I remember about the shop was Mr Skinner sawing through half a pig with a big bow saw and he always seemed to have a real pigs head with a lemon in its mouth on the cold slab in the window. Mum would send me there for Pigs Fry, sausages pork chops etc. The owner of the shop was Eric Boorman who I remember would deliver meat in his mini van, the weekend joint would come late on a Friday. Eric always had a large leather money pouch around his neck and smoking a pipe, a lovely man I remember. 
He would open the back door and shout "its only old Butch"

 Photographs courtesy of Wayne McMaster
The house on Bow Road above is where Waynes Grandmother Floss Skinner was born.