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WW1 & WW2 Memorial - Wateringbury Church

In response to Pauline Sellars enquiry on the message board relating to the family of Bowles.
I'm not sure how they are related to Pauline, but there were a family of Bowles who almost certainly lived in the first of a row of cottages, known as Boorman’s Cottages, which still stand on the east end of Old Road. Later, in the 1950s, there were two women with the surname Bowles who lived in a cottage in Pizien Well. This cottage is also still there.

Regarding Pauline’s relatives Thomas and Eliza Bowles' sons:
The name of their son Thomas Richard Bowles, who was born in Wateringbury in 1884, is on the 1914-1918 War Memorial inside Wateringbury church (see 1st attached photo). I don’t know which year he died, but he served on H.M.S. Lion as a Wardroom Messman.
Thomas’s younger brother John Bowles (known as Jack), who was born in Wateringbury in 1896, was in the Merchant Navy. He was unmarried and lived with his sister in the family home at Boorman’s Cottages. John was a Chief Cook on M.V. Melbourne Star (London). He died on Friday 2nd April, 1943, aged 47. His name is on the Tower Hill Memorial in London, panel 69, and also on the 1939-1945 War Memorial in Wateringbury church (see 2nd attached photo).
Hope this is helpful,
Dail W.

Photographs courtesy of Dail Whiting

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