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Canon Lane

This is the Canon Lane entrance to Wateringbury Place. The entrance on the opposite side of the lane to the stables has some carvings on the wall that I read somewhere were made by soldiers that were posted there during World War II. There is a mention of the posting on this website  

where it says  "The Regiment moved in October 1943,  near to Maidford (assume it means Maidstone) 54 Battery to Wateringbury and 53 Battery to Teston this was to be the Regiments last home in this country from here we went to Normandy in June 1944, never to return as the regiment was disbanded in Germany in late 1945."
I have searched the internet to find the original mention of the carvings but have been unable to relocate them.

On the website above it seems to indicate that this photo could have been taken in Canon Lane in May 1944 with D.R. Osborne, author of the website, far right bottom row. As these guys didn't arrive until Oct 1944 the below carvings were already there.

I have been along to that wall and found the following carvings. If anyone can add some more to this it would be of great interest.


Photos of the wall Courtesy of John Gilham

The carving 'The Buffs' looks too recent to be an original but I can't be sure. The Buffs is a nickname for the Royal East Kent Regiment so could it be just a deep original carving. 

Also what could the portrait be, was that from the same period?

Do any of the above mean anything to you?

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