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Glebe Meadow

 Photo Courtesy of John Gilham
Myself with younger brother Brian and my best pal Michael Marchant on the right. This photo is taken in the garden of No 30 Glebe Meadow around 1961. We later moved to No 22 the house in the top left of the photo. Michael lived opposite in No 16. The one thing to notice in this photo is the lack of vehicles in the road. We would often tie a string across the road as a net and play tennis in the road!
Any cars that did arrive were going slow enough for us to have time to take the net down and allow them through.

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I'm sure we use to visit my Uncle in Glebe Meadow during the 60's up to his death in the id 80's. His name was Albert Jones & his wife was Gwen. They had two sons. Nigel & Brian.

Albert worked for the local brewery. Nigel made his own train transformers out of scrap for the biggest train layout I ever saw. He use to house it in a big shed.