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Wateringbury Souvenir Crested China

Ray left a note on the message board that prompted such an interesting answer form Dail, that I though it would be good to share it with a wider audience.

Ray Wrote:-

First email:

I live at Teston and have a collection of Wateringbury souvenir crested china dating from the late 19th/early 20th century, many items of which are stamped on the base with the name of M Harris, Stationer. I suspect that this souvenir ware was largely sold to the hop pickers coming down to Wateringbury and the surrounding area from London.

I have been told that Harris’s shop was where the newsagent shop in Bow Rd is now situated and that the blocked up door on the side of the present shop was the original shop door.
Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate any pictures of Harris’s shop. Having just seen your website, I was wondering if you have any in your collection? If so, would it be possible to purchase a copy from you please?
Second email:

Thanks for the info. The Harris family appears to have been in business in Wateringbury for many years. I have found two references in old trade directories, which seem to relate to earlier members of the family:

Melville & Co Directory 1858 lists John  Harris -  Saddle and Harness Maker
Kellys Directory 1891 lists Mrs Sarah Ann Harris -  Harness Maker & Stationer

I am still researching old trade directories so will hopefully be able to follow the family line further.

Please feel free to post my mail on the message board with a note that I am always on the look out for additional items of Wateringbury crested china to add to the collection.



Dail then kindly responded as follows:-

In response to Ray Wilkinson’s enquiry on the message board relating to his collection of Wateringbury souvenirs sold by M Harris. Stationer.
During the 19th century there were several families with the name Harris living in Wateringbury, a good number of whom were proprietors of local businesses which included the Kings Head, two butchers’ shops, and a stationer’s.
The stationer’s shop is now the hairdressers called ‘Hair Traditional’, situated at the top of Bow Road. A picture of this shop (bearing the name Saunders) is on this website imbedded in the section entitled ‘The Boorman Family’ (also shown below).

Towards the late 19th century the stationer’s was run by Sarah Anne Harris, the widow of John Harris. John and Sarah Anne had at least nine children, all born in Wateringbury, the eighth of whom was called Minnie, born in 1867. It was Minnie who eventually took over her mother’s shop in about 1907, following her mother’s death. Minnie never married and died a spinster in about 1947. I would suggest that Ray’s china souvenir collection would date from 1907 to the 1940’s.

Hope this is helpful.

Dail Whiting.

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Bob Pearson said...

In 1970 until 1972 3 Bow road was a children's clothing store owned by Daphne Pearson.