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Glebe Meadow

 Mary Jane writes:-

Looking through pictures found a question about how the vicar was would it have been Rev. Henderson, or was it before his time.
I also read article on Glebe Meadow, there is a gap on number 11 well Bill and Millie Cowlard lived there until early 2005approx with there son John who still lives in Glebe Meadow at number 35. I have spoken to John and he said he didnt mind me contacting you. I think we moved to Glebe Meadow in early seventies and I lived there until I got married in 1981 then I moved to flat above A.M.G. office were we lived for few months then moved to Maidstone.
But my dad was born in Wateringbury and lived there all his life, moving away briefly in his early married life, only to return and work at Pelican Farm for Donald Mitchell. We lived at Pelican Farm until he was made redundant after Mr Mitchells death, and the farm was then sold so we moved to Glebe Meadow, I just feel it would be nice for him and my mum to have a mention if possible as they quite well known in village.

I also enjoyed looking at old school photos but couldnt see anyone I recognised, I was attending primary school in the sixties. My mum was one of the dinner ladies.

If this is the sort of information you need please contact me by e mail I would like to help if possible.

the pictures [on the website]are of my grandmother who lived on Tonbridge road opposite the vicarage, she was a regular at the working mens club also a regular at Queens head having her own chair at both!  She also worked all her working life at Pheonix Brewery to support her children [my dad and his sister] after my grandfather was lost in action in first world war.
Unfortunately I dont think we have any photos.

I forgot to mention my nan was known as Flo and well known in village. I keep coming up with other things to mention to you, I remembered last night that where Allington Gardens now is I am sure used to be a plant nursery I think the lady was called Mrs Powers or something similar, I remember as very small child looking over my nans garden wall there was a bungalow and huge garden and  going there to get plants. The entrance was where the cut through to Allington Gardens from Tonbridge Road is [if its still there] in between Mrs Duffy the school teachers house and there used to be a little shop on other side of the ally way, but I havent read about either on web site.

Thanks MaryJane Hardy nee Cowlard, formerly of 11 Glebe Meadow.

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Yvonne Stanton (formerly Waghorn) said...

My family lived at number 11 from when it was brand new until November 1959. My granddad worked at the brewery. Living in number 11 were my grandparents Cyril and Elizabeth Oben, their sons Oliver, Malcolm (until they got married and left home) and their daughter Phyllis i.e. my mother. My mother married Toni Waghorn but as her Mum often needed nursing care she continued to live at number 11 after her marriage. I and my brother Adrian were born there but we all moved to Maidstone at the end of 1959. My brother has however returned to the village and now lives in The Brucks.