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The Orpines - Wateringbury

This house I member as a very young lad of around 9 back in the very early 1960's. 
I remember going there with my mum and I understand it was owned by the Leney family who owned the brewery and hop farms in Wateringbury .

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John Packham said...

Researching my family history some years ago I found that my gg grandfather was the publican of the Red Lion and Star in Strood. I also found a book (title unremembered) which lists the old inns of Strood and gives specific mention of the ceiling of the Red Lion and Star which was constructed of 'massive beams of carved oak'(I have a photocopy of the relevant page). It also says 'On the demolition of the building (around 1900) this ceiling was removed to Wateringbury and re-built in the house of Mr. Leney, brewer.'
I would love to get a photo of the beams so that I could add it to my history. Is the house still there or does anyone know where I could find a photo?