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Wateringbury Football Team

Photo Courtesy of Peter B Covington

This photo of Wateringbury Football Team from around 1948/9 was kindly given to us by Peter Covington who lived in the village from around 1948 to 1962.

The name Covington was familiar to me as my Mum often talks of a Bernard Covington who she worked for and who was one of the first landlords of the New Kings Head in the 1940's and before that the Telegraph in Bow Road. 

Peter is in fact Bernard's son.

Since originally posting this photo I have had some additional kind input from Dail who says that Norman Large was Goalie in 1948/49,  not only is he not in the photo but he doesn’t know anybody else in the photo.   However my brother reckons that the boy 6th from the right back row might be Roger Smith. If it is Roger then this photo was taken much later in about 1955. I am not good at judging  ages but the boy looks about 14 or 15.  Roger is my brothers age so he was born in 1940.   My brother also sort of recognises the sailor on the left from Nettlestead.

Can you help us put names to faces on this photograph?

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