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From our Message Board

The following was left on the message board by Paul Reynolds which I though would be good to share with you all and Paul kindly agreed.
Hello all. I was born in Wateringbury in 1948. My mother was Dorothy nee Thorne, father Bill Reynolds. We lived at 12 Glebe Meadow. My mother kept in touch with a number of village people over her life. We left in 1954, but by some irony I had a job for awhile in the early 90's at West Malling Airdrome. Mrs Apps lived next door. my grand parents lived in The Garage Flat, opposite Dr. Severns House. I remember my mother talking about John Severn and the now famous Fighter Pilots who visited his house during the battle of Britain era. She had a friend Helen Long on Red Hill I believe. Her father Gus Thorne was in the Merchant Navy in WW1 and had the Cricketers Pub in Maidstone before moving to Wateringbury. My father lived for some years wih his Cousins in Pheonix Cottages Nettlestead. I remember the Bardens, Eileen, who married Sid Targett. I went to Peter Targetts wedding in Maidstone, a good old fashioned beery punch-up type. I do not remember anything of school or if I had school friends. I remember the Tramps and going Hop Picking. The Gypsy fights in the Pubs. There was a Flop House for tramps on the road to Teston. The Garage Flat was supposed to be built from the Old London Bridge Stones that formed the Gallows. It was a cold place full of huge black Spiders, the biggest ever seen. There were Oast Houses at the back of the Yard, and used to be very busy. For a small village there were lots of shops. Eric Boreman, Skinners, all people my Mother knew well. There was the usual village simpleton all the children were warned not to talk to. All I remember of those childhood days were the walks in the Orchards and lanes, the River Medway, and busy village life. Best regards to all of you.

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Yvonne Stanton (formerly Waghorn) said...

Paul and his parents actually lived next door to me at number 11 (not the Apps family who were at number 10). I wasn't born until 1952 but I remember Paul's parents because my mother kept in touch with Dorothy Reynolds for many years after they moved. My mother was Phyllis Waghorn nee Oben, daughter of Cyril and Elizabeth Oben.