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The Pickett Family - Wateringbury

Another fine donation by Brian & Ann Skinner which reads as follows:-

Have attached the next batch of pics which relate to the Picketts. My wife Ann is the youngest of three daughters of Bert and Mabel Pickett.

Pic. No. 1 Shows Westbury Cottage ( On the Mereworth Road just passed David's nursery - Bijou Nurseries) where the three girls were born and it is thought the family lived there until 1936 when they moved to 1 Hoyfield Villas, Station Road. We recall that a few years ago the Kent Messenger included an article headed something like 'The Manor Born' showing that the cottage has now grown beyond all recognition.

Pic. No. 2 Shows an article about Bert which appeared in the 'House of Whitbread' spring issue 1938.

Pic. No. 3 We believe shows the Wateringbury cricket team and Bert 4th from the right in the back row. Judging from his apparent age we think this might date to the late 1930 s.

Pic. No. 4 Shows the Wateringbury football team and Bert 5th from the right in the back row and again judging from his age think this might date to the late 1920 s

Words & Photos Courtesy of Brian & Ann Skinner

Janet Whitlock (nee Barden) saw this entry and responded as follows:-

The Pickett’s featured a lot in my life.  Mrs Pickett and my mum Daisy Barden were very good friends and were very involved in the church activities at Nettlestead.  Mrs Pickett’s daughter Molly was the organist and choir mistress when I was in the church choir.  I have a photo of the choir with Molly outside Nettlestead church on her wedding day.  My mum and Mrs. Pickett both lived to a ripe old age and I remember calling to see Mrs Pickett when she was around 96 years old and living in a retirement apartment where the Telegraph used to be.  My mum was lucky enough to reach her 100th birthday and we celebrated this at the Wateringbury Hotel in 2004.

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