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Mill Pottery - Wateringbury

An Old Magazine Article, I would think from the late 60's early 70's

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Patricia Jolly said...

I lived in London and used to come down every weekend with my family to our caravan by the river. I was about 15 when we first started coming to Wateringbury. There were and still are some pleasant walk around the village and one of those was to take in the Mill pond, where we discovered a pottery, Mill Pottery. There was many items that I liked, but being a teenager with very little money I could only afford a little pot. I still have it to this day. It has been loved for many years and has moved house with me 3 times. 13 years ago I decided to move to Wateringbury and so the little pot has come home, so to speak.

Then talking to my next door neighbour about the Mill Pottery one day she confessed to having a vase from there.

I know the potter used to like to experiment with different clay and textures and mixing them together. Each pot had his specific little makers mark indented on them. I wouldn't part with my little pot for the world.