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 A Message from Nick Bond

It's been a while since I visited your website.
The photo of the Mill Pond & Old Mill House reminded me that on a recent visit to Wateringbury I met a lady who told me that the house where we lived between 1953-1959 (Mill Lane House) was owned by the owner of Wateringbury Brewery and was where he kept his horses and the stables which we used as a double garage was where they were kept.  I never knew this until now but remembering the size of the garage, it makes sense.     Apparently, he lived in Old Mill House.  However, when we lived in Mill Lane House, Old Mill House was occupied by Canon Key.
The mill pond shown in the picture was where my sister nearly drowned.  Luckily, the friends we were with pulled her out completely soaked and covered in dripping weeds.  I'll never forget it!
Just some snippets of information for you.
I went to Wateringbury school from '54-59 and it would be wonderful to see a class photo from that time.  Does anyone out there have one?  Unfortunately, I don't.

Thanks and best regards,

Nick Bond

Dail has kindly replied as follows:-

Regarding the message on your board relating to Mill Lane House and the “Old Mill House”.
The large house on the south side of the Upper Mill Pond now known as Broomsdown  was originally called Maylodge.  In  the late 19th century it was the home of Richard Fremlin, a younger brother of Ralph Fremlin who in 1861 founded the brewery in Maidstone which bore the Fremlin name. Though at a later date Richard joined his brother’s business in Maidstone, he remained a Wateringbury resident and was primarily a Wateringbury hop grower at Mill Farm until his death in 1916.
Mill Lane House and stables belonged to the Fremlin’s of Maidstone brewery fame , not one  of the two Wateringbury Brewers who were Jude Hanbury & Co and Frederick Leney and Sons.
You may remember John, the horse that belonged to the Phoenix brewery on Bow Road used to graze where The Brucks now stands. His stable was adjoined to the cottages aptly called Stable Cottage where I believe your relatives  lived.  Now pulled down,  the old stable and cottage use to stand at the top of the entrance to the Phoenix brewery yard. now Leney Road.


Lucy said...

Hi, I am interested to find out more about Mill Lane House, 7 Mill Lane. I understand it was once a coach house and stables - I wonder if anyone has any more information about its history, or any photographs of it when it was still a stables and coach house? Is it the same Mill Lane House referred to in this post?
Many thanks

Unknown said...

Canon Key, of Broomsdown, was himself a Fremlin which explains why he lived there as The Wardens had been in the family since the early 19th century. His forenames were I think Ferdinand Fremlin. Even though their money came from brewing, many of the Fremlin family were in favour of temperance! Canon Key was a keen naturalist and his house was full of stuffed birds and curios from his travels. A gloomy man, usually accompanied by miss Mabel Frost, who lived up to her name! - Julian Soar