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Little Hermitage - Danns Lane Wateringbury

For Sale on Ebay is a Victorian Scrap Album (9.5" x 7.5" ) with signature Fanny Spencer on first page with a pressed Edelweiss flower picked in Switzerland in 1877. Various loose bits including a 6" x 4" photo of The Little Hermitage, Wateringbury and an 8" x 6" photo of the Hermitage, Wateringbury, both with the Victorian family posed outside. Another loose piece is the pressed leaf of a silver tree picked on Table Mountain, Cape Town in 1862.

Was Fanny Spencer the owner in the mid 1800's?

The house is still there today sadly looking a little less grand.  The ground floor windows in the top picture no longer go to the ground and the central one has been moved and turned into a door.

The below is courtesy of Google Street View and shows it as it is today.

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