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Whitbreads Brewery - Bow Road Wateringbury


wattisham111 said...

My uncle Ron Hubbard used to work there,if I remember he lived just down the road,my younger brother Roger was born in his house.My aunt Rene and cousins Carol and Jean Hubbard also lived there.I think also my uncle Len used to drive for them when it was called Fremlins his surname must of been Brown my mothers maiden name.
Mike Frere.

Glen Newick said...

I was there the day that they blew up the chimneys

Glen Newick said...

I was there the day they blew up the chimney stacks.

Margaret Wood said...

My father started work at the brewery in 1946. It was owned by Frederick Leaney in those days. We had a tied cottage down near the Malthouses--Phoenix cottages. As well as a cottage, employees were also give an allotment--those gardens you can see in the picture. I don't know when my father found time to do the allotment as he worked a split shift six days a week. He started work early in the morning, went home for his dinner and then cam back to work in the late afternoon and worked until about ten O'clock. He had Saturday and Monday afternoons off though so he must have done his gardening then because he grew all of our vegetables. He spent most of Sunday in church.