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Charabanc Outing

Lots of familiar faces on this Charabanc Outing photo.
If you can name anyone or know when it was or where the outing went then please help us fill in the missing names and detail.

The lady with the baby and the gentleman at the back right, I am sure is Mr & Mrs Skinner (Floss & Jack) who worked in Boorman's butchers on Bow Road at the cross roads in the 1950's. 
This is another picture of them from an earlier posting.


Margaret Wood kindly wrote and said: I think the lady at the end of the top left hand corner might be my aunt. Mrs Grace Wells. The girl in front of her (not the one with the baby) might be my cousin Jean--in which case the two girls to the right of her might be her sisters Jo and Cynthia. They all lived in Wateringbury Villa with my uncle Charlie who I don't think is in the picture

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