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The corner of Red Hill and Tonbridge Road wateringbury seen from the air.

David Alchin kindly shares with us a copy of a photo hanging on his wall at home. Its a great shot of the North West corner of the cross roads from the air. The corner of Red Hill and Tonbridge Road with Claremont house to the left and Winwick House to the right showing its lovely gardens right in the village centre. The bottom left hand corner shows the old village hall is still there.
Date taken is thought to be 80's/90's.

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Unknown said...

This picture shows the back of my Grandparents house up the mews behind the Post Office, Mr and Mrs Gus Thorne. Opposite on the corner, the large house, with hip roof, second up was occupied by Dr Severn during the war. Many Battle of Britain pilots used to visit the son, John Severn there. I remember, as a child Hop Pockets being packed in the Oast House at the top centre of the picture.