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1970's & 80's Memories of Chris Stones

Chris Stones who has lived in Wateringbury all his life kindly shares with us some photos and memories from School and the Cricket Club.

Chris feels he remembers most of the names but if you know better and can correct any then please let us know. Also if you can confirm the date that would also be great.

Back row: 
Alastair McDonald, Sarah Wilmarsh, David Hutchins (only person I've met who could solve the Rubik's cube!), Janine Collins, Bruce Easter, Andrew Worthington, Cris Thornton

Next row: 
Kelly Walsh, Gemma Riley, Julie Beaney, Kirsty someone or other!, Karen Cheeseman, 
Carolyn Byron, Clare Coates

Next row: 
Justin Hills, Craig Diment, Chris Stone (myself), Simon Waller, James Suddick, Steven Dozin, Hayden Brown, Jonathan Vincent, Chris Andrew, Trevor Shippey

Front row: 
Anthea Bowden, Emma Hardy, Michelle Dixon, Janine Greenwood, Mrs Golborn, 
Joanne Siers, Karen Gray, Nicola Overnall, Carol Lee


A photo taken from Chris's bedroom window in Allington Gardens in the late 70's early 80's


Wateringbury School Cricket Club

From Left to right:
Chris Andrew, Trevor Shippey, Craig Diment, Steven Dozin, 
Chris Stones (me), Bruce Easter, Janine Collins, Nicola Overnall, Duncan Witts, 
Kirsty someone or other!, Janine Greenwood, Michelle Dixon.
Adults were Mike Witts & Cyril Davey.



All photos and words Courtesy of Chris Stone

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