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The Mill Track - A Pretty Walk.

When I was very young (around 6 in the photo, 1959 ish) the track running through the farmland between Bow Road and ending just below the mill pond where it meets Love Lane was a lovely evening walk. My Mum and Dad would often walk it on a Sunday evening in summer. We could walk from Bow Road through to the mill pond and then on to The Harrow pub in Old Road for a beer for dad and Vimto for me! Where it met love Lane there were Oast Houses and Hopping Huts and the area would be alive with Hop Picking in September every year.
The picture below shows the same track earlier in 1925 from almost the same spot with the brewery in the background.

Sadly today this track is very overgrown and looks nothing like it does here and sadly no longer a 'Pretty Walk'


Dail said...

Hi John, Thank you so much for posting the two photo's of the Mill Farm track.
This is how I remember it throughout my childhood. It was once one of the best walks in Wateringbury, but sadly no more.

John Carke. said...

I agree with the above message. The present overgrown track was always kept clear and was, of course, wide enough to take a tractor and loaded up trailer.

Dail said...

It would seem that the track, a right of way, belongs to the KCC, and they are responsible for cutting back the overgrowth. Perhaps they should be nudged more often to clear it by those who use the track regularly. You can always ring the KCC.