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Gransden Mews

Sonia has a question, can we answer it?

Hi Do you know anything about Gransden? I live in Gransden Mews, which was probably the stables for Gransden. When we bought the house we were told that our garage used to be the Fire House/Station. I wouldn't have given it much thought, apart from the fact that the floor is made of stone cobbs/tiles which I would have thought too expensive for a garage etc


Boys of Wateringbury Church Choir 1905

Courtesy of David Alchin

Some really well known village family names in this photo

Is this on the doorsteps at Winwick House in 1899

A photo kindly shared by David Alchin believed to have been taken in 1899 and thought to be at Winwick House on Red Hill though the recent photos look very similar. 
Would anyone know where it was and who the lady and Gentleman are? 
Recent photos of Winwick House from a sale publication.

The Wateringbury Estate 1876

This Book has been kindly shared by David Alchin.
To view the image larger click on it and click 'view image' 


Giant Hogweed

I came across this postcard on Ebay which I purchased. 
It seems rather strange that it is of no more than a weed though a very large and aggressive one The Giant Hogweed.
When I was young in the late 50's this grew along the mill track and would burn your skin and make extreme blisters if you touched it.  Strange to see that it was associated with the village enough to be used on a postcard dated 1992.

Wateringbury Station in model

Had a great email from Hans which reads:

In 2015 we had a mail exchange about Wateringbury Railway Station. You asked visitors of your website to help me with information and pictures. Well herebye you see some results. It's not for 100% ready. E.g. the Thames Barge. Everything is selfmade, except the Hornby signal post.
Kind Regards
Hans Van de Burgt

The corner of Red Hill and Tonbridge Road wateringbury seen from the air.

David Alchin kindly shares with us a copy of a photo hanging on his wall at home. Its a great shot of the North West corner of the cross roads from the air. The corner of Red Hill and Tonbridge Road with Claremont house to the left and Winwick House to the right showing its lovely gardens right in the village centre. The bottom left hand corner shows the old village hall is still there.
Date taken is thought to be 80's/90's.