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Giant Hogweed

I came across this postcard on Ebay which I purchased. 
It seems rather strange that it is of no more than a weed though a very large and aggressive one The Giant Hogweed.
When I was young in the late 50's this grew along the mill track and would burn your skin and make extreme blisters if you touched it.  Strange to see that it was associated with the village enough to be used on a postcard dated 1992.

Wateringbury Station in model

Had a great email from Hans which reads:

In 2015 we had a mail exchange about Wateringbury Railway Station. You asked visitors of your website to help me with information and pictures. Well herebye you see some results. It's not for 100% ready. E.g. the Thames Barge. Everything is selfmade, except the Hornby signal post.
Kind Regards
Hans Van de Burgt

The corner of Red Hill and Tonbridge Road wateringbury seen from the air.

David Alchin kindly shares with us a copy of a photo hanging on his wall at home. Its a great shot of the North West corner of the cross roads from the air. The corner of Red Hill and Tonbridge Road with Claremont house to the left and Winwick House to the right showing its lovely gardens right in the village centre. The bottom left hand corner shows the old village hall is still there.
Date taken is thought to be 80's/90's.

Nick asks

Dear all, It's so frustrating that there does not seem to be any photos from the School from the 1950's.  It would be great to see a photo from the days when my sister and I were there.  Please, please have a look in your loft, shed, trunk, sideboard, back-of-a- drawer.  Anywhere, where you think there might be a picture or two.   Thanks, Nick.
Nicholas Bond

The Mill Pottery

I remember as a lad of 16 going to The Mill Pottery to see my friend Robin Pearson working at the potters wheel. This is most likely some years after.

Recognise the house?

Kevin Reynolds asks if anyone can identify this house in Wateringbury, the lady was in service there in bygone days. 
She is the great grandmother of a old school friend from Dartford.

News Paper Cutting from The Times Saturday Review

Gail Isted kindly thought of us and sent this news paper cutting. Gail wrote:- 

Thought you might be interested in this that I spotted in The Times Saturday Review section a couple of weeks ago. Look at the sign on the right of the photo. It has something to do with a photographic exhibition in Chichester by Dorothy Bohm, and I think the photo was taken at the steam fair in Horsham in 1972. No idea who’s in the photo though.

I then found this sign had been auctioned in recent months.

Brothers of Guss Thorne

Paul sends us a note:

I have recently discovered that my Grandfather Gus Thorne, possibly had two brothers killed in the 1st war. The names are on the Terrington St. Clement, Norfolk war memorial, mentioned on the Walpole parishes website. My parents are now all gone, so I have no means of validating the information. My mother was Dorothy Thorne. It might be of interest.

Paul Reynolds


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Hop Farm Stilts

Looking up at the Hop Farm Stilt Walker on a farm in Wateringbury. 
These were used to enable the worker to get high enough to work on the top of the hop bind at stringing stage early season and to cut the hop binds at picking time. It was a common sight before the tractor was used to cut and take the hops to the picking machine. When the tractor was used it had a 'crows nest' on the trailer which the worker stood in to do the same job.

John Barker

Looking to contact John Barker who sent the sets of pictures below in 2010. John could you contact me on please.

Whitbread's Brewery 1972

1962 - 5 Warden Mill Close, Wateringbury

I have been looking for these photos for years and am pleased to have found them on a website where they can be purchased as a download or print. Mr Hobbs the website owner has kindly given permission to show them here.
The website is: 


I remember coming home from primary school on Red Hill for lunch one day in 1962 at the age of 9 years to find a Whitbreads tanker full of beer had been left just outside the brewery gates on what is now Leney Road. The break couldn't have been properly engaged and the whole tanker rolled down the hill across Bow Road and into Warden Mill Close coming to rest in the garden and against the wall of No 5 Warden Mill Close. At the time and until today I always thought it went through the wall of the house but these photos show that was narrowly avoided.
This Google Street view shows where the tanker was originally parked and you can see the house in the distance

Behind the house you can also see the Hop Gardens and the Hopping Machine that would have been a very new and modern piece of farm machinery in 1962.

Photos Courtesy of :
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